1. Creating a Loyalty Program

Creating a Loyalty Program 

To access your loyalty program settings, from the organization level, select the Customer Center Block, and then the Loyalty Block. From here, select the Settings tab. 

If the fields and toggles are all grayed out, that means you don’t have access to edit the program and need an organization admin to give you access or make the updates. 

Participating Locations - Here, you can select or unselect, which locations within your Organization you'd like to apply these Loyalty Program settings to.

Program Name - This is the name of your Loyalty program. If you’re setting this up for an organization, make sure it’s generic enough. This displays on the Experiences App for any location using the same Loyalty program.

Description - Describe the loyalty program. This appears on the Experiences App.

Enable Point Expiration - Select this check box to expire loyalty points after a set period of time.

Days Until Expiration - The customer’s entire points balance will expire this amount of days of inactivity. Inactivity is considered no checkins or POS orders if that integration is enabled.

Note: This will populate on the Reward Redemption Page at the time of customer checkin

Enable Automatic Reward Redemption - Here, you can decide whether or not points are immediately deducted from a customer's point balance, after they've redeemed a reward. When automatic reward redemption is enabled, customers will receive a redemption confirmation message via text and email, that they can then present to the budtender.

Enable Program - To have your Loyalty program enabled or disabled, please reach out to our Support team for assistance.

Don't forget to hit save when done!

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