1. Connect Dashboard

The  Connect dashboard will help you understand your Connect Snapshot, segment usage for the month, and applicable filters. 

Connect Dashboard

First, navigate to the Connect Block to view your dashboard. All messages will be displayed at the center of your screen, outlining a quick overview of the current month only.


Your Campaigns tab will display all drafted, saved, and prescheduled campaigns.

Name - The campaign name

Type - The Connect Campaign type

List - Name of the campaign Recipient List

Created By - Location that created the Connect Campaign

Subscribers - The estimated reach of Connect subscribers before the message is sent and actual subscriber reach

Generated Revenue - See how much money your campaigns generate based on placed by consumers who received the campaign within 48 hours

Stats - Campaign engagement metrics and total campaign segments

Send At - If the Connect Campaign has been scheduled, the date/time of the scheduled campaign will be listed here

Status - The status of the Connect Campaign

Edit/Copy/Delete - For scheduled or drafted campaigns, edit, copy or delete the campaign.

Campaign Performance

Your Campaign Performance tab will display an overview of how your recent campaigns have performed. To learn more about Campaign Performance, click here!


Your Lists tab will display all previously created Connect lists. To learn more about Connect lists, click here!


Your Usage tab will display your Connect segment usage for a specific month. To learn more about Connect usage, click here!

Interest Tags

Your Interest Tags tab will display all previously created Interest Tags. To learn more about Interest Tags, click here!

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