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Connect is a customer engagement tool, enabling you to create meaningful relationships with your customers through targeted MMS & email messaging campaigns. As soon as you start building your customer list in-store, at events, or through Collect, you can begin sending messages to your customers!

Connect has robust filtering options that create cost efficiencies for your business. You can message your customers based on actions they have taken such as their store visits, product purchases, and events they attended. Connect also includes analytics that empower you to know what’s working and what isn’t, so you can optimize your text strategy as you go.   

Connect Benefits

  • Reach your customers with relevant MMS & email messages about products they love or new product specials you’re running.

  • Create efficiencies. Not only does Connect save you money by only messaging the right people with Connect filters and lists, but with features like saving message drafts, copying old messages, and pre-scheduling messages, Connect also saves you time.

  • Drive business to your store during slow days or times by sending texts with time-sensitive deals. 

  • Connect directly to consumers - no middlemen. Allows brands to increase their ability to connect with consumers, while also deepening their relationship with their retail partners.

Access to Connect

Only those with Manager or Admin level access will be able to use the Connect Block to manage lists, customers, and campaigns specific to the customers of the location. The Manager role can view campaigns and lists, but cannot create/edit them.

We also offer Organization access, which is used for a user of multiple locations. When a user has Organization access, rather than Location access, they can manage Connect lists, messages, and usage for all of their locations. 

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