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To access your Customers Block, you must first navigate to the Customer Center Block. The Customer Center is only visible to staff members with Manager or Admin access. To learn more about employee access levels, click here!


The Customers Block is where all of your customer information lives. 


On the left side of the dashboard, you will see all of the applicable filters that can be set, depending on the information you’re looking to view. 

Created Date - Filter by date of when customer profiles were created.  

Med/Rec - Filter by customers who are medical or recreational if your store offers both.

Subscribed to Connect - Filter by customers who have opted into marketing messaging.

Acquisition Source - Filter customers by how they joined your store.

  • Backfill - Customers sourced from your POS.

  • Checkin - Customers who checked in first.

  • Collect - Customers who signed up via Collect.

  • Import - Customers that were imported from an existing list.

Loyalty Tier - Filter customers by the Loyalty Tier(s) they fall into. Learn more about loyalty here!


At the top of the dashboard, you will see aggregated data depending on the filters that were set. 

Total - Total number of customers in this location’s Customer Center.

Points Earned - Total number of points earned by all customers at this specific location.

Points Redeemed - Total number of points redeemed by all customers at this specific location.

Subscribers - Total number of customers opted into Connect messaging.

Checkin Frequency - This is the average monthly checkin frequency overall.

 Order Frequency - This is the average monthly order frequency overall.

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