1. How do I create a Product Discount?

  2. What is a Product Discount used for?

  3. How does a Product Discount apply?

To access your discounts, you must first navigate to the Settings & Configuration Block and then select the Discounts Block. 

How do I create a Product Discount?

What is a Product Discount used for?

Like a category discount, product discounts are applied to a specific product line that you carry. So if you wanted to place a discount on a product like “Chem Dawg 4,” you would use this discount class and it would be applied to any Chem Dawg 4 inventory you have.

How does a Product Discount apply?

  • Product discounts apply automatically when a specific product is added to an order.

  • All inventory of the product will be affected by this type of discount.

  • In the event that the dispensary does not wish to honor the discount for some reason, they are always able to remove it after it has been automatically applied.

To learn how to create a Product Discount, click here!

Please Note: For POS integration clients, retailers will not be able to be select specific products since their products do not live within MyBlackbird. For this reason, the dispensary will have to use a different discount type, such as 'Order', and use a very descriptive discount name in order for budtenders to know what the product discount is.  

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