1. How do I create a Customer Discount?

  2. What is a Customer Discount used for?

  3. How does a Customer Discount apply?

To access your discounts, you must first navigate to the Settings & Configuration Block and then select the Discounts Block. 

How do I create a Customer Discount?

What is a Customer Discount used for?

Discounts for a specific customer type (like a student, senior, or veteran). This discount is applied to all items in that customer’s cart no matter the product. This allows you to create incentives for certain customers to shop in your store, or allows you to reward customers that you believe deserve a discount. Keep in mind that this discount is applied to a customer profile, so if you're only checking in guests, you won't be able to use this discount since it is applied automatically when the system detects that a customer profile that is eligible for this discount is added to the order. 

How does a Customer Discount apply?

  • Customer discounts can be attached to the customer profile directly through the customer profile in the Lobby Management or Customer Center Block, or when applying a customer discount to an order for the first time. When applying the customer discount to the order for the first time, once the order is completed the discount will be applied to the customer profile moving forward and will be applied automatically to the customer's orders in the future.

  • Customer discounts will stay on an account indefinitely until it is manually removed. The discount can be removed entirely or can be removed from individual items in the order if the user does not wish to grant the discount for any reason. You cannot have multiple customer discounts applied to one profile.

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