To access your discounts, you must first navigate to the Settings & Configuration Block and then select the Discounts Block. 

Creating Discounts

Creating new discounts is easy! Simply go to the top right corner of your Discount dashboard and click the New Discount button. Looking at the New Discount Window, we can see that there are numerous boxes we need to fill out:

They are:

Discount Name - What are you going to call this discount? Make sure it is easy for your budtenders to identify!

Description - A short description of the discount for personal reference.

Type - Is this discount going to be a flat dollar amount, or a percentage amount? Will the discount be a fixed amount or variable? To learn more about variable discounts, click here!

Amount - How large is your discount? If you have chosen “Dollar Amount” in the type box, this number will be the dollar amount the discount has. If you chose “Percentage,” this number will be the percentage size of the discount.

Applies To - What type of discount is this? See our descriptions above for Customer, Order, Category, Product, and Inventory discounts.

Category/Product/Inventory - If you selected one of these three options in the “Applies To” box, then you’ll be prompted to specify which Category/Product/Inventory you want the discount applied to.

Click the "Save" button and our discount will be created and appear on the left side in our list of discounts. 

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