1. Discounts Created at the Organization Level

  2. Discounts Created at the Location Level

  3. Creating Discounts

  4. Discount Stacking

To access your discounts, you must first navigate to the Settings & Configuration Block and then select the Discounts Block. 

Every discount is owned by either an Organization, or Location. Whether or not you own the discount determines what you can do with it in regards to editing/updating. Because Organizations sit above Locations in the hierarchy, they inherently have more control over all discounts, while Locations are confined to only being able to make changes to discounts they have created and own.

Discounts Created at the Organization Level

Organizations are able to create, edit, and delete discounts across all of your Locations from a single place. This means that if you want to run the same Category Discount across all of your stores, you would only need to create one discount for that at the Organization level and it would automatically take effect across all of the Locations you assign it to.

Organizations can make discounts for all Locations and can assign multiple Locations to the same discount. When this is done, the Organization is the owner of the discount. Additionally, Organizations can edit/change discounts that a Location owns. When this is done, the Organization becomes the owner of the discount permanently, meaning the Location loses the ability to make changes moving forward.

Considerations for Organization-Level Discounts

Order, Brand, or Product Category Discounts

When creating an Order, Brand, or Product Category Discount from the Organization level, you will notice a dropdown on the form titled Applies to These Locations. This dropdown displays all Locations in your Organization.. You can select which Locations should have this discount from this menu, and any Locations not checked will not have access to this discount. You can always change/update this list by editing the discount after it is created!

Product & Inventory Discounts

Product and Inventory discounts can also be created from the Organization level, but they need to be done differently than Order, Brand, or Product Category Discounts. For these two discount types, you will need to select the Location-specific items you want in the discount. So, if you are creating a Product Discount on Banana Kush Disposable Vape, you will need to go Location by Location and select that Location’s version of the Banana Kush Disposable Vape.

Note: Products and inventory are unique to their locations. Dispensary A will never have the same inventory as Dispensary B, within our system those inventory are completely independent of each other. The same is true for products since locations can each edit the name, image, description of products at their own individual location.

Discounts Created at the Location Level

Locations are also able to create, edit, and delete discounts for your Location. Unless your Organization edits/changes the discount from thee Organization level, the Location will be the owner of the discount.

Additionally, Locations can see all discounts they are are a part of, but cannot edit discounts the Organizations owns (view only).

Creating Discounts

Creating new discounts is easy! Simply go to the top right corner of your Discount dashboard and click the New Discount button. Looking at the New Discount Window, we can see that there are numerous boxes we need to fill out:

They are:

Brand/Category/Product/Inventory - If you selected one of these four options in the “Applies To” box, then you’ll be prompted to specify which Category/Product/Inventory you want the discount applied to.

Discount Name - What are you going to call this discount? Make sure it is easy for your budtenders to identify!

Description - A short description of the discount for personal reference.

Applies To - What type of discount is this? See our descriptions above for Order, Category, Product, and Inventory discounts.

Type - Is this discount going to be a flat dollar amount, or a percentage amount? Will the discount be a fixed amount or variable? To learn more about variable discounts, click here!

Amount - How large is your discount? If you have chosen “Dollar Amount” in the type box, this number will be the dollar amount the discount has. If you chose “Percentage,” this number will be the percentage size of the discount.

Minimum Subtotal - This configuration allows you to specify that a certain subtotal must be met for an order before the order is eligible for the discount. Example: Spend $200, get $20 off, where the customer is incentivized to spend a certain amount of money in order to receive the discount.

Limit per Customer - Setting a limit per customer on a discount prevents customers from being able to abuse discounts. Example: If there is a discount for new customers on their first order, it would not be desirable that a customer could use this discount more than one time.

Available Date Range - This configuration allows you to set a time frame when the discount is active to be used. Example: Running a promotion for a holiday weekend, you can set a date range to limit the discount to only be used during the holiday weekend. On your online menu, product cards will list the discount expiration date. This lets shoppers know to order before the end of the sale.

Available Days - While this has a similar name to Available Date Range, it differs in the fact that it allows you to select the days of the week the discount is active on. Where Available Date Range sets a one-time date range for usage, this configuration allows for ongoing usage on specific days of the week.

Online Availability - This setting allows you to determine whether or not the discount can be utilized by customers submitting online orders. When 'available online' is selected, customers with the discount code could use the discount on online orders they place. If a discount is applied to a cart online, it will come through to the order in MyBlackbird.

Click the "Save" button and our discount will be created and appear on the left side in our list of discounts. 

Can multiple discounts be used together, also known as 'discount stacking'?

Discount Stacking refers to limitations, if any, on how many discounts can be applied/combined in one cart. Configuration of Discount Stacking is restricted to Organization-level users. When logged in at the Org level, select the Discounts Block and click on the new notification at the top of the page.

You must select one (1) of the discount-staking configurations. However, regardless of the rule, we will always default to the discount which offers the shopper the most discount.

Discount Stacking Configurations

Stacking Configuration



How it looks in a cart

No Stacking Rules

All discounts can be combined without limitation

All aboard the discount train! All welcome!

All available discounts are applied without stacking restriction (current build)

One Discount Per Item

Each line item can receive one discount

If product X can qualify for a brand discount and a category discount, only one can apply.

Each item can receive a discount, but only one discount per item. The Blue Dream flower qualifies for both a category and a brand discount, however only the brand category discount is applied, as it takes the most off original price

One Discount Per Cart

Only one discount can be applied across all line items

Regardless of the number of potential discounts across all items, only one discount can be applied per cart.

Even though both items have discounts, only one can be applied per cart

Even though the stacking is restricted to one discount per cart, this discount can still apply to multiple items in a cart.

What about Promo Codes and Discount Stacking?

Discount Stacking rules relate to behavior of automatically applied discounts. Regardless of the configuration selected (One Discount Per Item or One Discount Per Cart), the best discount for the shopper will be automatically applied and there is no way for the shopper to change the selection.

There is a caveat to this, which is Promo Codes. Since promo codes are manually entered (as opposed to being automatically applied), we allow shoppers to choose either using their promo code (their cart will be recalculated) or removing the promo code to return to the original cart.

What about Rewards and Discount Stacking?

Rewards redemptions are outside of the scope of stacking rules. In other words, any rules/limitations on rewards are within the rewards offering itself and not on combining rewards with discounts in a cart.

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