1. What is a Safe?

  2. How do I create a Safe?

To access your safes, you must first navigate to your Settings & Configuration Block, and then select the Safe Management Block. 

What is a Safe?

Within MyBlackbird, safes (and registers) act as a cash ledger of daily sales and are meant to keep a running total of cash on hand. So, at the end of each shift, managers should be transferring cash from the stations to the safes and then physically moving that cash into the correct safes and stations so that the records match.

Please Note: Safe totals can be accessed only by Admin in the Accounting section, but Managers are still able to transfer cash from a station to a safe and vice versa.

How you organize your safes within MyBlackbird is completely up to you. In our example below, we’ve named our safes based on what they are used for. From the Safe Management Block, we can create new safes, delete current safes (that don’t have any money in them), and edit the names of the safes we already have. 

How do I create a Safe?

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