1. What is an Online Order Station?

  2. How do I create an Online Order Station?

What is an Online Orders Station?

Online Order stations are essentially your cash registers. When setting up your stations, you should make sure that each station you create is tied to a physical register. This is because stations are used to track product sales. Your employees and/or budtenders will always be prompted to choose a station before they are able to begin processing orders, or refunds.

How do I create an Online Order station?

To access your Online Order and Experience stations, you must first navigate to your Settings & Configuration Block and then select the Stations Block.

Stations are split into two identifying groups: Online Orders and Experiences.

Experience stations are used to improve tracking and performance insights of checkins on the Experiences App. For more information on Experience Stations, check out our article, here!

Create an Online Orders Station

Once in the Stations block, you can begin creating their Online Orders stations. To do so, you will click the Create Station button in the top right corner of the dashboard. This will bring up a small modal that will allow you to select if the new station is for Online Orders or Experience.

Once a station name has been entered, you will click the green Create button and a new station with the chosen name will appear on their dashboard.

Editing & Deleting a Station

To edit a station, you will simply look for the station name you are wanting to edit and select it within the Stations block. Once you've has selected the desired station, you can make any necessary updates and select either the Update or Delete button.

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