What Does a Pending Employee Account Status Mean?

If you notice that an employee account has a Pending icon attached to it, this means that the employee has not yet completed setup of their account. 

How Can I Resend the Email Invite?

If the employee has never received the invite email, it can be resent directly from the Employee Access page. When there is a Pending icon next to the employee record, it indicates that the employee has not accepted the invite to set up their user and create a password. If that icon is present, there will also be an option to resend the invite email. 

The current user will simply need to select the employee in question and locate the Resend Invite button under the employee information. This will only be an option if the employee has never accepted an invite. 


Employee Account Set Up

Once you’ve resent the invitation, the employee will receive a confirmation email at the email address associated with their account. This will allow them to create a password and officially log into their account as an employee.

Please Note: If an employee already has a BlackbirdGo account at the time their Employee account is created, and the email address on their BlackbirdGo account matches their Employee account, the Employee will not receive an email invite. They will instead be able to login to MyBlackbird using the email address and password on file for BlackbirdGo. 

An example of the invite email and account setup screen your new employee will receive.

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