1. Why Do We Add Employees from the Location Level?

  2. Adding Employees from the Location Level

  3. New Employee Account Set Up

Why Do We Add Employees from the Location Level?

Adding employees from the Location level is useful because it allows you to grant that employee access to one single location within your organization. This method is ideal if you do not have access to your organization, but still need to create an account for the new employee so that they may login to the location.

Adding Employees from the Location Level 

To add a new employee and give them access to a single location, you must first select your Location from the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of your screen. 

Next, navigate to the Settings & Configuration Block and then select the Employees Block from your dashboard.

From this window you can add, edit and delete your employees. When adding a new employee, you will have to complete every field in the form.

Email Address - Credential the new employee will use to accept and complete their sign up invitation and login to the MyBlackbird App. 

First Name - New employee’s first name. 

Last Name - New employee’s last name. 

Phone - New employee’s phone number. This needs to be a unique number and not duplicated from any other user's account. 

Access - The Organization or Location(s) which your employee has access to. To learn more about the differences between Organization and Location access, click here!

Role - The roles that you place on your employees will determine what they are allowed to access within your location's MyBlackbird account.

New Employee Account Set Up

Once you’ve added a new employee, the new employee will receive a confirmation email at the email address associated with their account. This will allow them to create a password and officially log into their account as an employee.

Please Note: If an employee already has a BlackbirdGo account at the time their Employee account is created, and the email address on their BlackbirdGo account matches their Employee account, the Employee will not receive an email invite. They will instead be able to login to MyBlackbird using the email address and password on file for BlackbirdGo. 

An example of the invite email and account setup screen your new employee will receive.

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