1. Tracking Deliveries

  2. Accessing Your Delivery Manifest

To access your deliveries, you must first navigate to the Shipping & Delivery Management Block and then select the Delivery Tracking Block. 

Tracking Deliveries 

From the main tracking screen, you will be able to see all of the deliveries you’ve ever done (and requested) since using the system and you’ll be able to easily filter them based on a range of different data points that are relevant to you such as:

Delivery Type - Retail, Facility, or Cash

To Location - Where a delivery is going

From Location - Where a delivery is leaving

Date Range - View all deliveries that were created within that date range (30 day max)

Status - Filter by delivery status (Unassigned, Assigned, Picked, On The Way, Delivered, and Canceled)

Here is an example of what you should see when navigating to the delivery dashboard:

Blackbird deliveries go through a range of statuses from the time they’re requested, to the time they’re delivered. By being familiar with these statuses, you can feel comfortable in knowing exactly what is happening with your shipments at all times.

The statuses are all color coded as follows:

Unassigned - Your delivery has been created in the system but has not been assigned to a driver for pick-up.

Assigned - A Blackbird driver has been assigned to your delivery and is (or will be) en route to your facility shortly.You will receive updates from our dispatch team on the time frame in which you can expect the pick-up team’s arrival.

Picked - The delivery has been picked up from your facility and is being prepped for shipment.

On The Way - Your delivery is in transit to its destination.

Delivered - Your delivery has been delivered and accepted by the shipment’s receiver, it is now considered complete!

All of these statuses are filterable from your tracking dashboard so you’re able to quickly see the deliveries that are most important to you at any given time. You can also quickly reference what status each delivery is in by viewing the status text found under the Status column on the right side of your screen.

Accessing Your Delivery Manifest

You can quickly access a PDF copy of the delivery’s manifest from your dashboard by clicking the orange Download Manifest (see above image) button in the far right column of a delivery’s information row. Clicking on the link will prompt a download of the manifest PDF to occur within your browser which can then be printed or attached to an email of your choice.

If you’re simply looking for in-depth information on a specific delivery, then you can click the blue Details (see above image) button in the far right column to bring up any relevant information pertaining to the delivery.

Clicking the blue Details button will bring up a digital page of the manifest that displays all of the critical delivery info as well as a continually updating log of the custody changes that occur en route.

From here you can update any notes you’d like to make on the delivery, upload any newly relevant files, and even print or email it to anyone who might need a copy of the manifest for their own records.

For shipments going to clients who may not have a MyBlackbird account, you’ll also have access to a public facing tracking link that can be sent to anyone who might be interested in the current status of the delivery. 

The Tracking Code can be found under the Details panel 

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