The MyBlackbird platform offers a robust selection of reports to serve multiple purposes. This includes insight into sales, customers, inventory, and delivery orders. Upon opening your Reporting block, you will be taken to your reporting dashboard. Here, you will be given a quick snapshot of the activity within your facility - specifically in regards to sales and inventory movement. To access more granular data, feel free to select any of the available reports from the drop-down menu. 

See below for a brief overview of what each individual report offers:

Brands - Displays various counts of the inventory in its current state. 

Customer Center - Provide insight into customer acquisition and retention metrics as well as detailed information about Connect usage and customer engagement with loyalty features.

Customers - Displays a listing of all known customers, including their medicinal cardholder status. 

Deliveries (Facility) - Displays various counts related to facility deliveries, such as number of deliveries and total parcel count over a specific time period.

Deliveries (Retail) - Displays various counts related to retail deliveries, such as number of deliveries and total product value over a specific time period.

Discounts - Displays information about the type and quantity of discounts applied to sales.

Sales - Displays sales statistics such as amounts and quantities from all points of sale.

Top Sellers - Displays sales statistics sorted by top selling products.

Report Navigation

It's important to note that in addition to the data included on the reports, there are a few additional features to acknowledge:

Filters - There are a variety of filters that can (and sometimes, need to) be applied to display the correct data. Make sure that all of the necessary filters are applied before reaching out to Support for help. 

Sorting - All report columns can be sorted to display information in the order that you prefer. 

Summary vs. Detail Data - Reports are displayed in two different versions depending on your needs. For a quick overview of each sale by customer, select the Summary Data. For a more detailed look into information broken out by category, select the Detail Data. 

Download Detail - All reports can be downloaded into a CSV file for your convenience. This also allows all reports to be doctored and manipulated to display data however you want or need.

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That’s pretty much all there is to reporting! If you have any further questions, feel free to reach us anytime by clicking on the help chat in the bottom left of your screen. We’re always happy to help!

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