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To access your past orders, you must first navigate to the Online Orders Block and then select the Order History Block. 

Order History 

The Order History Block allows you to access all previous orders depending on the filters you select, as well as search for a specific order by the Order Number. The available filters can be seen below:


User -  Budtender/Teller/Staff Member who processed the order. 

Station - Station/Register/Drawer the order was processed on. 

Customer Profile - Customer attached to the order. 

Date Range - All orders within the selected date range will populate. 

View Order Details 

To review the details of a specific order, simply find the order you're looking to review and select the blue Details link. Here, a more robust details page will appear. From this view, you are able to see the Order Details (below):



Customer - Customer Name. If the Caregiver ordered on behalf of their Medical Patient, this information will be displayed in the addition of the Ordered For field. 

Order Number - Unique Order ID number applied to each individual order once it's been processed. Special Note: The Order Number is printed on every customer receipt. For retailers, it allows them the option to call up customers waiting for their pick up orders by their Order Number, rather than their name.

Order Date - Date and time the order was processed. 

Created By - Staff user the order was processed by. 

Station - POS station the order was processed on. 

Paid With - Payment type the customer used.  

In addition, you also have the ability to view the details of the inventory on the order itself:

By clicking the inventory itself, you can expand the details to display the rewards, discounts, and taxes applied. You are also able to reprint the inventory labels. 

Refunding Orders

Choose the red Issue Refund button, which will pop a modal where you can select which items you’d like to have refunded. Simply select what inventory zone you’ll be moving them into (we recommend Unsellable or Destroy for opened product) and the hit the red Refund Order button.

Once you hit the Refund Order button, the refund will process and you’ll have a clear log of its occurrence. Loyalty points awarded for the completion of the initial order will not be refunded and will need to be manually added back to the customer's loyalty balance from the customer profile. Learn more here!

Please note: Refunds can only be processed by users with Manager or Admin access.

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