To access a snapshot of your orders for a specific day, you must first navigate to the Online Orders Block and then select the Order History Block. 

The Orders Snapshot details all of the information regarding your location's cash flow, both incoming and outgoing. To access your snapshot, simply navigate to the Online Orders Block and then select the Order History Block. Here, you can apply multiple filters to display the information you're looking for. Depending on the filters selected, the Orders Snapshot will update accordingly and can be found to the right of your dashboard. 

Usually end-of-the-night cash reconciliation or settle up can be completed by using the Total Amount of all the orders a teller completed, found in the Orders Snapshot. However, there are additional uses for the Orders Snapshot that go beyond the Total Amount field. Below is an explanation of all the fields in the Orders Snapshot:

Orders - The total number of orders processed. 

Average Order - The average amount spent across orders. 

Combined In-take - This is the total cash + non-cash payments that were made for orders. It does not take into account refunds and cash given back. 

Cash on Hand - This represents the amount of cash present and takes into account the total cash orders, the number of refunds given, and the cash given back on non-cash orders (if applicable). 

Cash In-take - This is the total amount of cash taken in by the dispensary through cash orders. 

Non-Cash Intake - This is the total amount of non-cash payments that were taken in by the dispensary through non-cash orders. This does not account for cash given back on non-cash orders, or ATM processing fees applied outside of MyBlackbird. This is a good place to quickly verify that receipts from the cashless ATM match what was reported in MyBlackbird, if desired. 

Cash Back - This represents the amount of cash given back for non-cash orders, when applicable. Cash given back is only being tracked for non-cash orders and does not apply to cash orders. 

Cash Orders - Total number of orders paid with cash. 

Non-Cash Orders - Total number of orders paid with a non-cash payment type. 

Deliveries - The total number of delivery orders the dispensary received. 

Pickups - The total number of pickup orders the dispensary received. 

Refunds - The total number of refund transactions processed by the dispensary. 

Subtotal - This is the pre-tax and pre-discount amount of all orders. 

Delivery Rate - This is the total dollar amount the dispensary is charging customers for delivery orders, if applicable. 

Discounts - This represents the total dollar amount taken off of orders due to discount usage. 

Tax - This is the total of all taxes applied to orders. 

Refunded Amount - This is the total dollar amount given back to customers as a result of returned items. This amount is accounted for in Cash on Hand

Using Reports to Reference the Orders Snapshot

The Order Details of a completed order will reflect the payment type as either Cash or Non-Cash. In the event the order was paid with a non-cash payment type, the cashless amount taken in will show, as well as the cash given back, if applicable. This will show below the existing order information regarding products, subtotal, taxes, and total. 

The Sales Report will include the payment type for all orders. 

The Transactions Report will report all non-cash transactions the same way it currently does with cash orders. If cash is given back on a non-cash order, that will be logged as a separate transaction associated with the order. For example, if there is an order where the total was $91.17 and the Cashless ATM charged the customer $92, with $0.83 given back in cash to the customer, the Transactions Report would log two transactions for the order. The first would be incoming $92 non-cash and the second would be outgoing (-) $0.83 cash. 

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