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  2. Auditing Your Orders

  3. Processing Your Orders

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To access your in-store or online orders, you must first navigate to the Orders Block and select the Create New Order button.

Creating Orders

Your order creation dashboard is where you can search and select products, add a customer to the order, etc. 

Order Screen Button Key

+Add Customer - Use this to add a customer to the order. If a Caregiver is being processed for an order, you will be given the option to select whether or not the Caregiver is purchasing for themselves or on behalf of their Medical Patient. Taxes applied will be applicable to the recipient of the order. Once added, you can view the customer’s profile, add rewards to the order, or remove the customer from the order completely.

Adjust Total - Use this to override MyBlackbird’s calculated total to match the total in your point-of-sale. This can also be done at the time of marking the order as, Ready.

Add Discount - Use this to add promotional discounts to an order. (Learn more about discounts here!) Things like “Senior/Veteran” discounts will be applied automatically based on the customer type (if you've set them up) so this button mainly serves to manually apply promotional discounts to orders.

Rewards - Use this to add, accept, or deny rewards redeemed by your customers. 

Red Trash Icon - Delete the order you are currently working on.

Save - Save working on this order for later (like if you need to check-out at a different register).

Ready - Mark an order as ready. Upon readying an order, you will have the ability to override MyBlackbird’s calculated total to match the total in your point-of-sale.

Note: You will always be able to see the original calculated total and the reason for the adjustment in the order details page.

Complete Order - Close out the order and collect payment from the customer.

Processing Your Orders

To process an order, select the Complete Order button. This will bring up the payment window, where you can select the payment type and amount given. Once that information is entered, you can select the Process Order button, which will determine the amount of change due (if any) and automatically print the customer receipt and product labels. If a customer applied any reward points to their order, points will be deducted from the customer profile only after the order has been completed. 

That’s all there is to making sales in Blackbird! The process consists of.

  1. Starting a new order

  2. Adding a customer to the order

  3. Adding rewards to the order (if applicable)

  4. Adding items to the cart

  5. Adding discounts to the order (if applicable)

  6. Overriding the calculated total (if applicable)

  7. Checkout the customer using the Complete Order button

Once the order has been completed, any rewards points applied to the order will be automatically deducted from the customer's loyalty balance.

Learn more about Orders...

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