1. What is a Product Category?

  2. Creating Product Subcategories

  3. Editing and Deleting Product Subcategories

To access your product categories, you must first navigate to the Product Management Block and then select the Manage Categories Block. 

What is a Product Category?

A product category is a group of products that live together in your system. So, if you have a line of concentrates from a specific wholesaler, you can group them together under a single category and apply the relevant taxes to each product that is organized under that group automatically.

Opening this dashboard will show you a list of all the product categories currently offered at your location. The main categories on the left are provided for you (they are directly related to online menu searching and filtering), but you are free to add as many subcategories as you need, each with their own custom tax applications based on what you want applied to them!

Creating Product Subcategories 

First you will need to decide which category you would like to add a subcategory to. By clicking the New Subcategory button, a pop-up window on the right side of the screen will appear. Now, we need to define a few things about our new category.

Name - What should this category be called? We recommend keeping it simple - like "Trim/Shake".

Taxes - If your dispensary were located in Washoe County, Nevada, you would need to ensure that “Washoe County Sales Tax” is always applied to any products that are part of the "Trim/Shake" subcategory. Since this is a cannabis product that we will be selling to recreational users, we also need to ensure that the “Nevada Recreational Excise Tax” is applied to any products in this category as well. 

Please Note: Tax rates are configured by us here at Blackbird to be specific to your location and local laws so that the taxes you see and apply are relevant to your business. 

The goal of this newly created subcategory will be to put all "Trim/Shake" products we ever receive into it. If there were to be a line of "Infused Pre-rolls" that we started to carry, we’d want to create a new subcategory for those that would live under the "Pre-roll" category.

Editing & Deleting Product Subcategories

If something regarding one of your product subcategories changes, or if you want to delete it altogether, you can go ahead and do that by selecting the subcategory you want to change from the menu on the left side.

I want to edit the “Blackbird Pre-rolls,” so I’ve selected it on the left side. The window for editing it has therefore appeared on the right side. From here I can change the name, the parent category, and the taxes associated with this category. I can save these changes by clicking the Edit button. I can also delete this category by pressing the Delete button. 

Please Note: A category can only be deleted if there are no products currently organized underneath it. If there are, those products will need to be removed from the category before it can be deleted. You will know when this needs to happen because you will receive the following error message in the top left corner of your screen.

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