To create a new delivery order, you must first select the Delivery Tracking Block.

Creating Deliveries

From your delivery tracking dashboard, select the New Delivery button. Next, complete the Create Delivery form.

Here, you will see the company and address that the order is being picked up from, and will also have the option to select the location you would like the order to be delivered to.

Please Note: If you do not see the location you're looking for available in the drop-down menu, feel free to reach out to our Support team for assistance with adding it to our database!

Additionally, you will be prompted to include an invoice number, parcel count (number of packages we will be picking up), and product value, METRC Manifest and/or Compliance Numbers, as well as upload any necessary attachments such as your invoice and METRC manifest.

Next, enter in any necessary notes that may be applicable to the delivery!

Once finished, click Submit Order! The order will be placed in an Unassigned status until our Dispatch Team is able to assign it to a driver and schedule its delivery with the receiving location.

We strongly suggest making it a best practice to add METRC Manifest and/or Compliance Numbers to the Delivery Details section of a delivery once it's available to you. To edit the delivery details after creating the delivery, simply locate and select the delivery, select Edit Details in on the top left

Input the METRC Manifest and/or Compliance Numbers and hit Save.

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Tracking Your Deliveries

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