In an effort to create consistency in cannabis inventory naming conventions, the Cannabis Distribution Association has developed this detailed Cannabis Inventory Naming Guide. This guide describes how cannabis operators can uniformly enter inventory within the California Cannabis Track and Trace - METRC (CCTT-METRC) system.

By following these guidelines, operators will ensure that their inventory is easily organized and provides minimum at-a-glance product details. This guide was established in partnership with many operators to ensure that it is consistent with standard workflows, as well as the third party inventory management softwares.

The CCTT-METRC Item name should carry with the product through the distribution chain. By using this guide, it is unlikely that an operator would need to change the name of an Item, even if/when repackaging a product.

Standard Naming Convention

Preferred Formatting

[Brand Name] - [Item Category]* - [Unit Weight/Volume] - [Strain]

Naming Examples

  • Good Farms - Vape Cart - 0.5g - Happy
  • Good Farms - Preroll (5 pack) - 1.0g - Relax
  • Good Farms - Flower - 3.5g - Uplift

Please Note: Item Categories are defined by the State, refer to the current METRC California Supplemental Guide to find the specific categories that have been set up by your State.

Best Practices

The following best practices should be considered when establishing your CCTT-METRC inventory list:

  • Using Hyphens - While the use of symbols ($#@!) is discouraged, several operators prefer the use of dashes or hyphens in the Item name because it facilitates easier Microsoft Excel export and searchability.
  • Keep it Simple - Your CCTT-METRC Items list is the library of products to choose from when you are creating METRC packages. The Item name should be general enough to be used many times without modification or duplication, but detailed enough to be able to determine what the package contains at a quick glance. Additional details, like strain type (sativa/indica) and production batch # (P.B. No.), are pulled into the product information via other CCTT-METRC package inputs outside of the Item name.
  • Train Staff - Every person who manages CCTT-METRC Packages and/or third party inventory software needs to understand the Item naming convention and utilize it consistently.

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