Whether you use MyBlackbird as a point-of-sale, inventory management, or online order fulfillment software, we make it easy for you to manage the items that display on your BlackbirdGo menu for customers to purchase.

As you may have noticed, all products displayed on BlackbirdGo maintain consistent branding, product information, product tags, and photos straight from the vendors themselves. By connecting your inventory to a Mother Product, we create a seamless shopping experience for your customers, minimizing the possibility for discrepancies in details and information specific to those products.

Mother Products

Mother Products are global products created by our team which live in the Blackbird database. Each batch of inventory that is available for purchase online is first connected to a mother product by one of our team members. This helps to maintain consistency across all menus, as well as makes sure that all products are well-represented from the vendor or brand's perspective. While Mother Products are not editable, the inventory associated with them is.

How do I manage my menu using the MyBlackbird POS?

If you are using MyBlackbird as a full point-of-sale software, you have the most control over how your inventory displays on your online menu.

To manage your online menu, simply navigate to the Product Management Block and select the Manage Inventory Block. Here, you have the ability search for specific batches of inventory, or filter by general details.

Once you have found the batch of inventory you would like to edit, determine which type of action you would like to take:

Manage the Details of your Inventory

If you would like to edit the details of the inventory, simply select the View button.

Here, you are able to make any necessary adjustments to the inventory, including Measurement Type, Unit Label, Weight, Pack Label, Pack Size, Sales Price, Cannabinoid Test Results, and Terpene Test Results.

Manage the Inventory Available for Purchase

If you would like the manage what inventory is displayed as available for purchase on the online menu, simply select the View button on that specific batch of inventory.

Next, check or uncheck the Available Online box to control whether or not that batch displays on your online menu.

Once the applicable edits have been made, feel free to click the Save button!

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If you have any further questions, feel free to reach us anytime by clicking on the help chat in the bottom left of your screen. We’re always happy to help!

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