1. How can I see what my two-way message usage is?
  2. How am I billed for two-way messages?

How can I see what my two-way message usage is?

From the Organization level, start by selecting your Customer Center Block and then choose the Connect Block. Next, select the Sent tab to view a breakdown of all messages sent (both Connect and Two-Way messages).

Here, you will see a chart that displays how much of their segment allotment

you've used, and the subsequent breakdown of segment types that have been used so far.

Types of Usage:

Campaigns - Segments that were sent out as part of a marketing campaign.

Messaging - Segments that were sent directly to a single customer as part of a conversation with a member of dispensary staff.

Received - Messages that customers sent to our clients (like a customer asking about their order).

Transactional - Automated messages that are sent to inform customers about deliveries being on the way, orders being ready, or some other automated loyalty related message.

Scheduled - Segments that are currently scheduled to go out on a campaign but have not been sent yet.

How am I billed for two-way messages?

You will be billed for the segments used towards two-way messages.

If you have purchased a monthly Connect segment bundle, segments used for two-way messages will be taken out of this allotment. For example, you have purchased the 20K segment bundle in the past for use in sending marketing campaigns. You start using two-way messages and send 1,500 segments to customers with this feature. Your available segment balance would then be 18,500 segments.

However, if you have not purchased a Connect segment bundle, any segments you send while using the two-way messaging feature will be totaled and billed at the default rate at the end of the month ($0.03.segment). If you have any questions regarding segments and billing, click here.

Please Note: Segments sent by a customer to you will also count towards your segment usage and billing. If you have any questions regarding segments and billing, click here.

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