1. What does it mean when a subscriber is unreachable?

  2. Why would a subscriber be unreachable?

What does it mean when a subscriber is unreachable?

When a subscriber's phone number is determined to be unreachable, the message will not be successfully delivered to them. An unreachable status essentially means that the message destination (the subscriber's mobile device) is unknown for a variety of reasons. 

Why would a subscriber be unreachable?

A subscriber is determined to be unreachable due to the following reasons:

  • The destination number is unknown, may no longer exist, or may be mistyped

  • The device you are trying to reach is not on or does not have sufficient cell signal

  • The device cannot receive MMS, and/or the phone number belongs to a landline

  • There is an issue with the mobile carrier

Each Connect campaign that has been sent will also display that campaign's deliverability metrics. Upon opening a sent campaign, you will be presented with the campaign overview, delivery statistics, and engagement metrics. This also includes the number of messages that were found to be Unreachable.  

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