What are Rewards on BlackbirdGo?

Rewards on BlackbirdGo allow retailers to offer their loyalty rewards directly to their online menu customers.

How do I Access My Rewards?

Rewards are accessible from within each dispensaries individual BlackbirdGo menu. Visit your favorite dispensary on BlackbirdGo.com, then on the top navigation of the dispensary menu there is a heart icon. When clicked, this heart icon will show all available rewards from the dispensary (both rewards that the consumer can redeem and those that they are not yet eligible for).

Please Note: You must be logged in to a BlackbirdGo account to view rewards. The heart icon will not display on menus if a consumer is not logged into a BlackbirdGo account.

Additional Details 

Can I only see rewards I'm eligible for?

Yes, the rewards view will only display available online rewards that are redeemable by your loyalty tier and below. It will also show rewards that you cannot afford if those rewards are available to your tier and below.

Can I view rewards within my BlackbirdGo account?

You cannot view your rewards from your account specifically, however, you can view rewards online. There is not a global view in your main BlackbirdGo account to view all rewards across all dispensaries. You can view available rewards at each dispensary individually; there are a few caveats to view rewards online:

  • You must be logged into your BlackbirdGo account
  • You must be on a dispensary menu that has a loyalty program setup
  • When you click on the heart icon on the dispensary menu, then you can view available rewards for that specific retailer

How can I redeem rewards?

You can redeem a reward by clicking the Redeem Reward button, which will then be highlighted in the reward view and a success message will appear at the bottom of the cart. You can easily jump between the rewards view and cart view with the links at the top of the modal.

How can I tell if my rewards applied to my cart?

The cart view provides you with a full overview of all the products, discounts, and rewards that have been prepped for checkout. You can see in the below image that the discounts provided by the Online Munchie reward are applied to the Chocolate Bar in this cart as denoted by the -$6.00 on that item. The reward can also be removed from the cart with the Remove button in the Rewards section.

How are my points deducted and earned online?

Once you submit your cart online, the amount of your selected reward(s) will be immediately deducted from your loyalty point balance and those rewards will be redeemed. 

Additionally upon submission of the cart, you will be given an estimate for how many points your transaction earned you.

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