1. Sending Connect Messages

  2. Choose Send Options

Sending Connect Messages

Once you've finished creating your MMS Connect message, it's time to send it! 

Preview & Test

To preview the image and send a test message, select the Save & Continue to Preview button. 

This will display the message exactly how it will be sent to your customers, including the segment count, estimated recipients, and estimated segment total. 

Next, select the Preview & Test button. Enter in the name of the employee you would like to send the test message to. 

Choose Send Options 

After previewing and sending test messages, the next step is to select a Send Option. Select the Choose Send Options button. 

Send Now
To send the message immediately, select the Send Now button on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Confirm the segment count, estimated recipients, estimated segment total and message preview. If the message is ready to send, select the Confirm & Send button.

Schedule For Later

To schedule the message, select the Schedule for Later button and you’ll be prompted to enter a date and time. The message is scheduled for your local time. Select the Schedule Message button once set. 

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