Before setting up your account configurations, you must first add your Employees to the account so that they can access the appropriate locations. 

If you are using inventory management…

  • Set up your Sales Stations
  • Set up your Safes
  • Set up your in-store Discounts
  • Configure your Receipt and Product Label text copy
  • Set up your Product Categories and configure the taxes that apply to each section
  • Receive your inventory through Inventory Shipments
  • Create Customer Profiles

If you are using an online menu…

  • Set up an integration to your third-party POS
  • Configure your Product Category taxes
  • Configure your Online Menu Settings
  • Embed the BlackbirdGo menu onto your own website

If you are enabling online ordering on your menu…

  • Set up your Sales Station
  • Set up the Discounts that can be applied for online orders
  • Configure your account for Self Delivery (if applicable) 

If you are using Connect for SMS and MMS messaging…

  • Choose a segment bundle 
  • Configure your Welcome Message
  • Set up your Collect widget and embed it onto your website
  • Notify your customers that they can subscribe to receive SMS and MMS marketing messages by signing up through the Collect widget 

If you are using Loyalty for points and rewards...

  • Create your loyalty program and enable it for specific locations
  • Set up your Loyalty Tiers (applied to all locations) 
  • Set up your Loyalty Point Triggers (applied to all locations) 
  • Set up your Loyalty Point Magnifiers (applied to individual locations) 
  • Create your Loyalty Rewards 
  • Configure your rewards for Auto Redemption (if applicable) 

If you are using Experiences for checkin, drawings, and events…

  • Set up your Business Info 
  • Set up your Experience Stations
  • Set up your Drawings
  • Set up your Events

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