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  2. Operating Systems

The Experiences App is a Progressive Web App (PWA). This means that unlike native apps, the Experiences App can be used across devices and browsers. This also means that we can update the Experiences App quickly and at a greater frequency. Users can access a PWA from the web, but they can also save the application to their homescreen so it will look and function similarly to a native app. For example, when launching a PWA that has been saved to the home screen of a mobile device, the address bar will be hidden so that users cannot navigate to other webpages from the application.

We always recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome browser to have the optimal product experience and performance. All feature offerings are developed on Google technology. Specifically, the Experiences App is built using Angular JS Material which is an implementation of Google's Material Design Specification. 

Supported Browsers

The Experiences App can support most up-to-date major web browsers. Due to recent popularity of PWAs, the top web browser services have included feature updates in newer versions to support these applications. The following browsers and versions can be supported. However, we always recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome.

  • Chrome (version 73 +)
  • Safari (version 11 +)
  • Firefox (version 58 +) - Firefox has some reported issues with certain buttons and components of Angular Material

Unsupported Browsers

There are also specific browsers that do not actively support the custom elements required for Angular 6 and/or PWAs.

  • Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Edge (Windows) is currently forcing PWAs to be available in their app store in order to be supported on this browser
  • Internet Explorer - Newer versions IE11 can be supported, but we would not recommend using this browser since we do not focus our development and quality assurance testing on this browser.

Operating Systems

The Experiences App was specifically built mobile responsive for tablet devices. Like web browsers, mobile operating software systems have also included featured updates in newer version to support PWAs. This means that although the Experiences App is not device-specific like a native app, you do need to use the Experiences App on devices that can support more recent mobile operating versions. We always recommend purchasing hardware that can support the most recent software updates. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that issues specific to a particular limitation in the software version of device can be fixed.

  • iOS (version 11.3 +)
  • Android (version 5 +)
  • iPad Air (1 & up )
  • iPad Mini (2 & up)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab (S2 & up)
  • Acer (Iconica One 8 & up)

Other Operating Systems & Devices

These devices are not actively recommended due to performance and/or operating system. If clients want to try to use these devices, they most likely can as long as they are able to download the most recent version of Google Chrome on the device.

  • Fire OS - Amazon Fire (7 & up) - Experiences App can be supported on Amazon Fire tablets (7th gen & up). However, we do not support Silk browser so clients will need to take additional steps to access Google Play store and download Google Chrome App. After downloading, users are not prompted to update Google Chrome App and must do so manually
  • Android - Lenovo (E8 & up) - We have seen issues with rendering icons on Experiences App screen on Lenovo tablets
  • Android - Visual Land - there are Visual Land tablets available with more recent versions of Android operating system. These tablets have reported issues with the speed, performance and WIFI connectivity.
  • Android - Digiland - there are Digiland tablets available with more recent versions of Android operating system. These tablets may have lower storage capacity and have reported issues with speed, resolution and touch screen performance.
  • Android - Ematic - there are Ematic tablets available with more recent versions of Android operating system. These tablets have reported issues with speed, performance and battery life.
  • Android - Insignia - there are Insignia tablets available with more recent versions of Android operating system. These tablets have reported issues with speed, performance, and touch screen quality.
  • (Chrome OS) Google Pixel Slate & Asus Chromebook tablet - the Chrome OS operating system has historically focused on desktop and laptop computers rather than tablets. Most of their tablets are built to be used either as a light weight laptop, or with a stylus.

Unsupported Operating Systems & Devices

  • Android - Supersonic Tablets - most Supersonic tablets run on older versions of Android or on Windows operating systems. Many devices you can find and purchase online are no longer produced or supported by the manufacturer so will likely be unable to maintain browser compatibility over time.
  • (Windows) Microsoft Surface - Microsoft surface devices are configured with Microsoft Edge as the default browser which we do not support. These devices are also configured to only allow download of Microsoft Apps and therefore downloading chrome can be complex and cause issues. Windows10 operating system is also forcing PWAs to be available in their app store.

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