Building targeted lists for your Connect messages increases the likelihood of someone converting into a sale when the message is catered to them and their interests. All Connect messages are required to have at least one List associated with it. Lists will also increase conversion and click-through rates, since customers are getting messages pertinent to their interests or status.

Creating Connect Lists

First, click the Connect button to open your dashboard. Next, select the Lists tab at the top, and click the +Create List button. Give the list a descriptive name so that when you go to use it, you remember which customers it targets. Lists are reusable for future campaigns. 

List Conditions

Conditions determine the criteria the customer must meet to fall under the selected condition. See below for all of the applicable conditions that can be set for your List.

Interests - Use this filter to message customers specific to their product interests and make the message relevant to them. Interests are chosen by the customer when they checkin or sign up using Collect. This is good to use when the message is product specific.

Customer Type - Use this filter to message customers that fall under a specific license class. This can include medical patients and recreational consumers. 

Order Type - Use this filter to message customers who have placed online or in-store orders. 

Became a Customer - The date a customer was added to your customer center.

Date of Birth - The date of birth of a customer. Use this filter to message customers with birthdays that fall within given date range.

Subscribed - The date a customer subscribed to Connect.

Checked In - The date that a customer last checked in to your Lobby. Use this filter to message customers who have checked in to your Lobby within any given date range. 

Placed an Order - The date a customer made a purchase from the POS.

List Comparisons 

Once a condition is selected, determine whether the customer needs to fit one or any. 

One - Customers must match the parameters (conditions) exactly

Any - Customers only need to match one of those parameters (conditions) 

Additional List Information 

Each time you add or adjust a condition, the estimated reach updates and is displayed at the top of your page. This populates the newly expected reach based on customers that are opted into your marketing messaging. This number will fluctuate depending on subscriber activity at the time a list is selected during message creation.

Example: We want to create a list to include all customers who fall under a specific Customer Discount. In order to send a text messaging campaign to all customers that have the Veteran Discount applied to their account, we select matches one and then choose Veteran from the Discount drop-down menu. You are welcome to add as many conditions to a List as you would like.

That’s pretty much all there is to managing your lists! If you have any further questions, feel free to reach us anytime by clicking on the help chat in the bottom left of your screen. We’re always happy to help!

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