The  Connect dashboard will help you understand your Connect Snapshot, segment usage for the month, and applicable filters. 

Connect Snapshot

First, navigate to the Connect Block to view your dashboard. Your Connect Snapshot will be displayed at the center of your screen, outlining a quick overview of the current month only.

Average CTR - The average click through rate for the month.

Average CCR - This is a metric unique to Connect. It measures how customers interacted with the location(s) after a campaign message is sent. It is calculated by taking the total number of customers a message was sent to and determining how many of them checked-in to a location in the 24 hours after the message was sent. It is a good metric for determining how effective campaigns are at getting customers in the door. Higher CCR is indicative of a more successful campaign.

Subscribers - Number of customers in your customer center who are opted into messaging. This is not meant to be the total number of customers, as there can be customers that have not opted-in for Connect.

Filter Messages

On this same view, you can filter messages. This helps narrow down the campaign(s) you’re looking for insights about.

Sent By - Filter campaigns by location the message was sent from

Status - Filter campaigns by their status for a quick look at any drafts, scheduled, or sent messages.

Send Date Start - Select a start date to view campaigns by their send or scheduled date.

Send Date End - Select an end date to view campaigns by their send or schedule date.

That’s pretty much all there is to understanding your Connect dashboard! If you have any further questions, feel free to reach us anytime by clicking on the help chat in the bottom left of your screen. We’re always happy to help!

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