1. Access your Collect Embed

  2. Customize your Collect Embed

  3. Generate the Collect Embed Code

Gathering new leads and contacts on your website allows you to dramatically increase your audience for Connect messaging campaigns. Collect is simple to customize and implement, allowing you to get a lead generation form onto your website within moments.

Access your Collect Embed

First, log in to your Organization view. Next, Click the Customer Center Block and choose the Connect Block. Once there, select the Collect tab at the top of the page and then click the +Create Collect Embed button. The Collect modal will appear on the right side of the screen for you to begin choosing your widget settings. 

Customize your Collect Embed

The Collect embed is almost entirely customizable. Here's an example of what the embeddable tool looks like:

And here's an example of what the customization form looks like:

Button Color - Feel free to use the exact hex code you'd like to for the widget button.

Background Color - Feel free to use the exact hex code you'd like to for the background of the widget. This will allow you to make it blend seamlessly into your website. The example above includes the hex code for white.

Embed Copy - The header shows on the left-hand side of the widget, announcing what the form actually is. If you have any type of club that people can enter, you may want to consider making the Header copy say something like, "Join the Blackbird Dispensary club to receive club specials and deals!"

Button Copy - Change what the submission button says.

Locations Drop Down Menu - Choose which location(s) you would like to create the Collect embed for. If you are a user who has organization level access, you will have multiple locations to choose from.

Make Email Required - This allow you to determine whether or not customers are required to input their email address.

Generate the Collect Embed Code

Embed Code - Copy this code and share it with your web developer to get the Collect widget pasted onto your website. As soon as it's embedded, your contact list should start growing right away.

Collect Preview - Here, you can preview how your Collect widget will look and function once embedded on your website.

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