To make adjustments to your online menu, first navigate to your Settings & Configurations and select the Online Menu Block. The Online Menu Block allows you to manage information displayed on your online menu, as well as control over your pick-up and delivery capabilities. 

The following information can be managed right from your Online Menu Block:

Dispensary Name (Display Name) - The name of the dispensary as it displays on your menu

Dispensary Address (Display Address) - The address that displays on the menu for dispensary customers to view. This can be different from the dispensary's actual address that we use internally for operations. It allows you to control how much of your location's address you reveal to your customers. This is especially useful for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) clients who may not be able to legally disclose your physical location.

Published - Whether this menu is published online. 

Please Note: Turning this off will remove your menu from BlackbirdGo, as well as turn off any menu embeds you may have setup on your own website.

Promotional and Special Messages - There is an open text box at the top of each menu that can be used to promote promos, deals, or specials at the top of the your menu.

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