1. Required METRC Manifest Number(s)

  2. Required Parcel Packaging & Labeling

Here, you will find the packaging and labeling guide for all Wholesale deliveries in the State of Nevada. The items detailed below are required for our team to be able to transport your product in an efficient and timely way.

Required METRC Manifest Number(s)

Once a delivery has been created, please add the METRC manifest number(s) to the job via the Delivery Tracking Details page.`

To do so, click the Edit Details button and add the manifest number(s) to the Compliance Number field.

Required Parcel Packaging and Labeling

  • Identify From location and To location clearly on the parcel

  • Label each parcel with its applicable number

    • Example: 3 parcels would be labeled as parcel 1/3, parcel 2/3, and parcel 3/3

  • If not secured to the outside of packages, the METRC Tags should be secured inside the primary parcel (Parcel 1/x) and marked on the outside of the box (METRC Tags inside)

  • A copy of the METRC tags or its equivalent should be attached to the outside of each parcel to identify the contents inside

  • METRC Tags cannot be in the folder with paperwork

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