Blackbird will not transport cannabis without a printed copy of a METRC shipping manifest. The shipping manifest must accurately reflect the inventory being transported from the originating facility. A shipping manifest may not be changed or voided during transport, or at any point after the shipment departs the originating licensed premises.

Blackbird as a Transporter

Blackbird will not take into possession/transport any cannabis goods that are not listed on a METRC shipping manifest, or any cannabis goods in an amount different than the amount on the METRC shipping manifest. Blackbird is responsible for any discrepancies between the METRC shipping manifest and the cannabis goods in the company’s possession during transport. Because of this, Blackbird will be subject to any enforcement or disciplinary action related to such a discrepancy.

Record Keeping

Blackbird will maintain the transportation invoices and shipping manifests for cannabis goods in transit as part of our records. Copies of all shipping manifests will be maintained for a period of seven (7) years after shipment.


CCR 16-42-2 5310(c) (2019); CCR 16-42-2 5314(a) (2019); CCR 16-42-25314(c)(2) (2019); CCR 16-42-2 5314(c)(1) (2019); CCR 16-42-2 5314(c)(3) (2019); CCR 16-42-2 5314(d) (2019).


UID - unique identifier; an alphanumeric code or designation used for reference to a
specific plant on a licensed premises and any cannabis or cannabis product derived or manufactured from that plant.


Metrc, Industry Generic User Guide: The Metrc User Guide Version 9.0
Metrc, California Metrc Transition Guide Rev 2.2
Metrc, Industry User’s Guide – CA Supplemental Rev 4.2


Task A

Prior to transporting cannabis goods, generate a shipping manifest through CCTT-
METRC. See below for step-by-step instructions to generate a Licensed Transfer in CCTT-METRC:

  1. Destination is the final destination of your packages (i.e., Retailer).
  2. Route should include a “See Blackbird Order ABC-1234” notation with reference to the Blackbird Order Tracking Number; it can also include high-level freeway references.
  3. Transporter #1 is BLKBRD OCA (Select either the Oakland OR Santa Rosa locations). DO NOT list two BLKBRD OCA licenses in the transporter fields. If you have a long-haul order, follow the “Layover” process below.
  4. Select “Layover” icon if there will be a layover at the Oakland or SR Blackbird hubs. Add the description of the layover in the “Route” field (i.e., Layover in Blackbird Oakland Hub: long-haul to SoCal). Select the anticipated layover ins and outs times (assume 1 day). Blackbird will update ETAs once order is assigned driver.
  5. Use “See Blackbird” notation for all driver and vehicle information. Blackbird will update once driver is assigned to order.

Blackbird does not have access to, and cannot edit, METRC manifests in which we are only transporting (i.e., not Originator or Destination). Blackbird can only access and edit theTransporter information, and will update departure and arrival times of the transfers as the orders are assigned.

Please Note: If transporting cannabis to multiple locations, create separate manifests for each individual shipment, ensure individual manifests accurately reflect the specific inventory destined for each location, provide a copy of the manifest to each licensed establishment that receives the inventory described in the manifest, and securely transmit the appropriate shipping manifest to each receiving licensee before the shipment leaves the distribution premises.

Task B

If not fully integrated onto CCTT-METRC, generate a manual BCC shipping
manifest that includes all of the information under Task B, below. The following
information/these fields are required to register any transfer in CCTT-METRC:

 Manifest number
 UID tag number of the cannabis goods to be shipped (if CCTT-METRC labeled)
 Name and product description of the cannabis goods
 Amount of the cannabis goods, by weight/count
 Unit cost and total cost of cannabis goods
 Date and time of the activity or transaction
 Name, license number, phone number, and premises address of the originating licensee
 Name, license number, phone number, and premises address of Blackbird
 Name, license number, phone number, and premises address of the destination licensee who will receive the cannabis goods into inventory or storage
 Name, premises address, phone number, and license number of other licensees
involved in the activity or transaction
 Contact names for all licensees involved in the transfer
 Date and time of departure from your facility and approximate date and time of departure from each subsequent licensed premises, if applicable
 Arrival date and estimated time of arrival at each licensed premises
 The driver’s license number of the personnel transporting the goods
 The make, model and license plate number of the transport vehicle

Task C

Print the BCC/METRC Manifest and place in the folder accompanying the transfer.
If completing a METRC External Transfer, print two copies of the METRC manifest and write “Return signed copy to Originator”

Best Practice: Save a copy of the Manifest in the Blackbird System under the “Invoices & Attachments” field.

Manifest Management

Blackbird Drivers will attempt to collect signed manifests upon delivery and return the signed copies to the warehouse hub for final transmittal to originating licensee. However, the receiver is not required to sign upon delivery and can scan the signed copy back to the originating license if they need time (up to 24 hours) to check order contents for accuracy and compliance. Follow-up may be required to collect final received transfer manifests.

Licensed Transfers will be completed by the receiving licensee in the METRC system; no further action is required from Blackbird/Originator, unless package(s) are rejected.

Generating a METRC Shipping Manifest – Licensed Transfer

1. Log into METRC and select “Licensed Transfers” tab and select “New Transfer”.

2. Type in any part of the receiving party’s license number. A drop down menu of the available licensees will populate. Select the licensee that will be receiving the transfer (i.e., the retailer).

Please Note: If the receiving licensee does not automatically populate, it means that the Receiver does not have an active license. We cannot transport to inactive licenses.

3. If the Licensee legal name does not match the business name referenced, hover over the magnifying glass icon next to the selected licensee to check that the address matches your delivery address.

4. In the “Route” field, enter “See Blackbird” and the Blackbird Order Tracking Number ("JOB-6666"). Input the ETA for departure and arrival using the information under the Scheduled Delivery Window available in the Blackbird system order details. 

It is important that you reference the Blackbird Order Tracking Number in the Route field so that Dispatch can easily search and find orders to update ETAs and driver details.

5. Select the type of transfer from the dropdown menu. More often than not, it’s a Wholesale Manifest.

6. Select the Transporter – enter the license number associated with the Blackbird hub fulfilling the order (i.e., Oakland - C11-0000329-LIC, BLKBRD OCA)

7. Select “Layover” icon if there will be a layover at the Oakland or SR Blackbird hubs. Add the description of the layover in the “Route” field (i.e., Layover in Blackbird Oakland Hub: long-haul to SoCal). Select the layover ins and outs times assuming one 24 hour period from pick up ETA. Blackbird will update this information once a driver is assigned. 

8. Enter “See Blackbird” for all driver and vehicle information fields. Enter in Blackbird hub/warehouse phone number. Blackbird will update this information as the driver is assigned. 

9. Enter in the METRC packages being transferred in this order. Select the “+” icon to keep adding packages. You need only to type in the last 4 digits of a METRC tag for it to pop up. Hover over the magnifying glass icon to check that you selected the right package. A scanner gun can be used for this step to avoid errors.

For Wholesale Manifests, each package will need to have an assigned wholesale dollar amount. If your Blackbird invoice lists a single line item of 50 units at $10 per unit, but you have 2 packages of 25 units, each package should reflect $25. There’s some math involved when converting line items to multiple METRC packages.

10. Print the METRC Manifest and complete the following checks:

  1. Is the correct number of packages reflected?
  2. Are the item names accurate?
  3. Are the final item quantities accurate?

If any of the above information is not accurate, you can go back to the transfer and “edit” at any point up until the order leaves the warehouse.

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That’s pretty much all there is to managing your METRC manifests! If you have any further questions, feel free to reach us anytime by clicking on the help chat in the bottom left of your screen. We’re always happy to help!

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