1. Processing Online Orders

  2. Tracking Deliveries

Self delivery allows for those not utilizing Blackbird's operations to manage their own home deliveries directly within MyBlackbird. Retailers that are using online ordering and are located in areas that Blackbird does not currently offer delivery. Currently, this includes states outside of Nevada.

Online orders will still come through as normal, but you will be able to set the statuses of your deliveries to Delivered or Cancelled on your own. This allows you to track metrics around your delivery operations within MyBlackbird reporting while also allowing you to easily distinguish how many delivery vs pickup orders you receive directly from your online menus.

Processing Online Orders

When a delivery order comes in from BlackbirdGo, you will still fulfill the online order as they normally would. For more information, click here! Readying, Saving, or Completing an Order on a delivery order indicates that it is ready to be delivered. 

Once an action is selected, your customer will receive a "Your order is ready for delivery" text message. From here, you will also be able to see the home delivery order in your Delivery Tracking Block. 

Special Note: Readying or Saving an order allows it to be changed/updated prior to being delivered, Complete Order closes out the order as the final sale.

How do I update products on a delivery?

As long as a delivery has not been Delivered and the order has not been Completed within MyBlackbird, you will be able to make changes to the items (and prices on it) simply by editing the order and re-Readying the order. If you do not have products already created in your account to then add to the customer's order, click here for instructions on how to utilize untracked inventory!

Can I add a delivery to an order that accidentally come in as pickup, or was submitted from a third-party online menu (a non BlackbirdGo menu)?

Deliveries can be added to any order by clicking the Add Delivery button on the order itself. 

Tracking Deliveries

Once you navigate to the Delivery Tracking Block, you can view all details related to the home delivery order, as well as mark orders Delivered or Cancelled

Special Note: If you accidentally select the wrong action, you can easily revert to the other status, and all of the details of the delivery can still be viewed from the Delivery Details page as normal.

Self Delivery Reporting

When a delivery is either Delivered or Cancelled, you will be able to access metrics around these deliveries using the Deliveries (Retail) report.

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Tracking Deliveries 

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