Label Printer Set Up

Get Hardware Ready

  1. Make sure all necessary hardware and paper materials have been purchased, you can reference requirements here.
  2. Correctly install the label printer paper into the printer
  3. Confirm printer is on and plugged into POS device via cable 
  4. Select and associate the receipt printer on your POS device
  • Open your printer settings on your POS device. For example, on a PC this can be found by: Going to Windows Start > Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners 
  • The device should automatically detect the receipt printer after it is plugged in. If the receipt printer doesn’t automatically appear on the printers list, you can search for the specific printer. Search for: Zebra Label ZD420
  • After the computer detects the printer, it should be labeled: Zebra Label ZD420

Please Note: If the receipt printer name reads differently, you can edit the name by going through the following steps: Click the Epson Printer > Manage Printer > Printer Properties> General > Select the Printer Name field and edit to read Zebra Label ZD420. Click apply and okay.

      5. Perform a test print

  • Click the Zebra printer > Manage Printer > Print a Test Page

Connect Printer to Blackbird

  1. Make sure all necessary drivers and programs have been downloaded, you can reference requirements here
  2. Open the MyBlackbird software and navigate to the Sales Block, then the Order History Block. 
  3. Click on a previous order, then select the label icon to reprint a label. The label should print, but you will need to adjust the margins and scale in the Print Preview settings to format printing from your device. 

Product Label Printer Troubleshooting Tips

Not Printing Labels

  1. Confirm that the printer is completely connected to the computer and turned on. 
  2. Confirm that the label paper has been put in correctly and facing the right way. 
  3. Confirm that the printer is not jammed. 
  4. Press the feed button down for three seconds to reset the printer

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