Why is BioTrack's setup process so different from other POS'?

While most POS platforms are web applications (meaning they are accessible via a website or desktop application), BioTrack is provided to clients in the form of a locally hosted server. This means that each dispensary using BioTrack is provided a server that runs from their location. Due to the nature of requiring their clients to host their own server, BioTrack does not have an API that can be integrated with. Because of this, the integration process is a little different!

What has Blackbird done to make the BioTrack integration setup simpler? 

Blackbird has developed a desktop application, called Blackbird Agent, for Blackbird clients to download directly on their BioTrack server. This application allows Blackbird to gain access to and use select information from the server related to customers, orders, and products. Blackbird will ask for a few credentials to set up a connected account within the Blackbird platform and generate the client’s unique Client ID number. When the client downloads the BioTrack Agent application, they will be asked to enter this unique number. This number will tie their BioTrack server to their account in Blackbird! 

Client Setup Process

Step 1 - Provide database credentials. 

You should provide select database information that allows Blackbird to access the information needed to complete and maintain the integration. This information is used to generate your unique Client ID number that is used during the installation process of the BioTrack Agent application to connect the BioTrack server to Blackbird. The following information should be provided for the configuration to generate the Client ID.

  • SSL - Blackbird will need to know if the BioTrack server is configured with SSL security (just a yes or no, the actual certificates are not required). If it is configured with SSL security, you will need to download a program that finds the SSL certificates on the server and converts them to the correct format for the Blackbird Agent to use. All you will need to do is download the applications onto the computer that has access to the Biotrack server! The link for this application can be found here.
  • Location ID - This is the specific store id number within BioTrack and will be an integer (1, 2, 3…).
  • Database Username and Password - The database username and password are required to authorize Blackbird to access and utilize select information in the BioTrack server. This information is included to generate the unique Client ID number that is entered into the BioTrack Agent application. Access to your database username and password is preferred, however, a backup method would be to create a new user with admin credentials. This can be done as follows:

To add a new user:

  1. On the top toolbar, click 'Administration'.
  2. Click Users
  3. Click Add New User

The 'Add a new user' screen appears.

  1. Enter a user name in the 'user name' field.
  2. Enter a password in the 'password' field. 
  3. Enter the user's name in the 'Full Name' field.
  4. Select the ‘Administrator’ checkbox to designate the user as an Admin.

To assign permissions:

  1. Click on the Location drop-down to the left.
  2. Select the location for which you would like to set the permissions.
  3. Adjust for the appropriate settings to the right including at a minimum: Inventory, Sales, Customers, Miscellaneous, Compliance and Reports.

Once permissions have been configured for a location: 

  1. Click on 'update' on the left-hand side under the Locations tab.
  2. To assign additional locations to the user, select them from the 'Location' drop-down.
  3. Check the 'Employee' checkbox to give the employee to access the system.
  4. Click 'OK' to save the new user.

NOTE: The information in this section came directly from the BioTrackTHC Manual and can be found at https://sites.google.com/a/biotrackthc.com/biotrackthc-manual/home

  • Database Name (Schema) and PortThe Database Name (Schema) and Port -  Required for Blackbird to connect to the BioTrack server. In most cases, the schema and port will be the defaults assigned by BioTrack. If you do not know this information, Blackbird will use the BioTrack defaults. If they do not work, Blackbird will let you know and provide additional assistance in obtaining the correct schema and port.
  • Member Level ID (Member Level) - Also referred to as just Member Level, this number can be found as part of the Price Point table in the database. Please provide the ID number of the Member Level being utilized for sales (the Member Level provided for the integration will provide the price structure used on the online menu, and is only required if an online menu will be utilized).If tiered or cumulative pricing is being utilized, it will be necessary to create a new Member Level called Online or Custom and assign a single price to every inventory item for that level without utilizing tiered pricing.

Special Note: The Member Level ID can be found where price points are configured. Blackbird needs the one that is used for normal sales. In price points, you can open the price point table, the first "level" listed in the dropdown showing the different levels is typically going to be the normal one used for sales (sometimes it is the only one if other price points have not been set up - it is often named "Non-Member" by default). If other price points have been set up, you may see things in the list such as MILITARY or VETERAN. The Member Level ID is whatever position the normal sales price point is on the list, so if it is the first one it will just be "1". As an example, let's say there are no other price points, in this case the Member Level is "Non-Member" and the ID is 1.

  • Room ID - This is the Location or Room in which all active, sell-able inventory is kept. Often times, inventory is kept in more than one room - Blackbird will need to know which room to pull inventory from through the integration, as this will be referenced for inventory details, price and available quantity.. Please provide the ID of the room that corresponds with the actual sales floor, or whichever room is inventory is actively sold out of. The ID of the room can be found on the Inventory Room table in the database.

Step 2: Generating the Client ID

As mentioned above, you will be provided a unique Client ID number that corresponds with your BioTrack server. This number is generated by Blackbird team using the credentials mentioned above.

When you download the BioTrack Agent application onto the server, you will be prompted to enter this unique number. If the credentials used to generate the Client ID align with the server, the connection between BioTrack and Blackbird will be validated and data will start syncing into Blackbird. 

Step 3: Install the BioTrack Agent on the BioTrack Server

You can download the BioTrack Agent here. Blackbird will provide you with your Client ID number. Installing the application is simple:

  • Download the application onto the BioTrack server. You may receive the following warning from Windows - this is simply because Windows does not recognize it to be a Windows application. If presented with this popup, you should select More Info and choose the setting to allow the download to proceed.
  • Install the application after the download is complete. You will be prompted through the steps to complete the installation process. In the first step, you will be asked if you would like to create a shortcut to access this program directly from the desktop. It is not required to do so, but recommended. If you choose not to create a desktop shortcut, the program will still be accessible from the Start Menu on the computer.
  • Launch the newly installed BioTrack Agent. The first time the application is opened, you will be prompted to enter the Client ID provided by Blackbird. 
  • If the Client ID entered is correct, the application will redirect back to the Dashboard where you can monitor the information that is being synced into Blackbird. Information will start syncing to Blackbird 10-15 minutes after the initial input of the Client ID. Blackbird will sync in product information, customer information and orders, all of which can be monitored on the dashboard.
  • You will also be able to access the sync logs to obtain information about past syncs and the status of current syncs. 
  • If the Client ID entered here doe not match what is in MyBlackbird, or does not exist at all (maybe due to a typo), the BioTrack server will not successfully be connected to Blackbird and the user will be given the following error.
  • The next step will be to monitor the integration and ensure information is coming into MyBlackbird appropriately. This can also be determined from the sync logs and the dashboard of the Blackbird Sync Agent. If no information is syncing in, it could be the result of an incorrect database username/password (or employee login provided), updated database schema and/or port information, or SSL certs installed on the server that prevents a connection. You will need to provide updated information in this case and Blackbird will update their Client ID with the new information. 

Step 4: Integration is Complete

Blackbird will utilize the information from the integration to provide real-time up to date online menus, online ordering, and accurate points per dollar loyalty awards.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach us anytime by clicking on the help chat in the bottom left of your screen. We’re always happy to help!

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