When it comes to moving product operationally, both a delivery and shipment are handled the same way, however when it comes to receiving inventory, delivery visibility, and overall product metrics within MyBlackbird’s software, shipments provide significantly more benefits than deliveries do.


Deliveries within MyBlackbird are extremely generic as they only contain information regarding the number of parcels and the dollar value of the inventory being sent on the delivery. This makes it impossible for you and your customers to see if what’s on the truck is what was actually supposed to be sent.

Because of this, deliveries are not a good solution for tracking what you’re sending to clients through MyBlackbird. So while they are convenient at the time of creation, they will become a hindrance on your metrics over the long term.


Shipments are built around a Purchase Order and allow inventory that lives in your MyBlackbird system to be easily added onto them. This allows you to quickly generate a manifest of items to be sent via Blackbird’s delivery services.

Because you’re identifying specific inventory that’s going onto a shipment, you can then share that information with the receiving party before a delivery is requested. You’re then able to easily view and track where your inventory physically lives directly through the inventory management screen (something that is especially useful when your inventory is being stored or quarantined at another location).

Shipments also make it easier for your clients to review and receive inventory you are sending them, and subsequently makes it easier for you to receive inventory from your vendors as well. By utilizing the inventory management features that shipments rely upon, you can generate a complete picture of how much inventory you have, where it’s being stored, and how much of it you’re shipping on a daily basis, all of it backed up by actual physical inventory and accessible through MyBlackbird’s powerful reporting engine. Unlike other Point-of-sale systems, the numbers in MyBlackbird represent inventory that is real and tangible.

So how does this look in practice?

The benefits of shipments over deliveries can be understood with the following example:

A manufacturer wants to send 3 different edible products to a dispensary. They have the option within MyBlackbird  to either create a delivery or a shipment.

Delivery Option:

The 3 distinct edible product fill 6 boxes total for a product value of $900. This is input into MyBlackbird and a delivery that denotes 6 parcels worth $900 is created.

All MyBlackbird knows about this delivery is how many parcels are on it and its value, but we’ll need to check an uploaded invoice to get a sense of what the products are.

Shipment Option:

The manufacturer creates a shipment and selects the 3 distinct edible products it is sending from the inventory that already exists in MyBlackbird. 

When selecting a product they denote that they are sending 100 units of Product #1, 30 units of Product #2, and 90 units of Product #3.

Now when the delivery is requested, MyBlackbird is able to generate a delivery manifest with all of the listed products and their quantity. It can also provide a line item view of where the shipments total value of $900 is actually coming from, and the receiving dispensary can view the list of products themselves ahead of time and inform the manufacturer if something is not correct.

This shipment has product’s listed in addition to the parcel value and parcel value, so we can quickly reference what is traveling on this truck.


As you can see, while Deliveries are highly convenient, Shipments provide a much cleaner, more compliant delivery experience and they create a single source of truth between vendors that everyone can easily reference when buying and exchanging inventory. 

That is why we highly encourage all our users to utilize Shipments, however you’re more than welcome to use deliveries if you prefer to do so.

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