To access your cash balances, you must first navigate to the Shipping & Delivery Management Block and then select the Cash Ledger Block. 

Creating Cash Balances

If you forgot to request cash collection when requesting a delivery, or if you just need to create a standalone one, MyBlackbird gives you options for creating both directly from your Cash Ledger Block in MyBlackbird.

In the top right hand corner of the Cash Ledger Block, you’ll see a green button that says + New Cash Balance. Clicking this button will prompt you to create a new cash balance in one of two ways:

Create New - Use this to create a new cash balance that is not attached to a delivery that already exists in the system. You will need to upload an invoice of the products the cash balance is going to represent.

Attach Delivery - If you had a product delivery but forget to request cash collection and would now like to do so, this button provides a way for you to link your original product delivery to the new cash balance you are now creating.

Let’s create a new cash balance using both methods, starting with creating a new one from scratch.

Clicking the green Create New button will bring up the modal shown below, here you’ll simply need to enter the balance, the location you are charging, and then an uploaded invoice that will serve as documentation for the cash balance.

Once all this information has been input, you simply have to click the green Create button in the bottom right hand corner of the modal and your new cash balance will be generated.

Creating a Cash Balance by Attaching it to a Previous Delivery

The benefit of this method is that it will link your new cash balance to the delivery you select, so that the two will always be associated with one another in MyBlackbird.

Clicking the blue Attach Delivery button will bring up a list of product deliveries you've requested that do not currently have a cash balance attached. This is great for deliveries where you meant to request cash collection but forgot, or decided later on that you would need it. 

In our example, I only have one delivery that doesn’t have a cash balance attached. I’m going to go ahead and select that one now. This will bring up an additional modal where I can verify the information on the new cash balance, and then create it.

Since this cash balance will be attached to delivery TNQ-7104, I don’t need to attach an invoice to it. That is because MyBlackbird already knows what this balance will be referencing when it links them. If you’d like, you’re still able to upload the invoice for your records. Ensure that the balance is for the amount you want and then click the green Create button.

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If you have any further questions, feel free to reach us anytime by clicking on the help chat in the bottom left of your screen. We’re always happy to help!

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