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Delivery Settle-Up refers to the exchange of cash payment for all home delivery orders from Blackbird to your retail facility. As a dispensary using Blackbird drivers for the fulfillment of your home delivery orders, you will be receiving a settle-up for the previous day's orders daily. 

First, navigate to the Delivery Tracking Block. Here, you will need to select the date range you're looking to settle up for, in addition to the status as Delivered, and order type as Retail. See the example below for reference!

After the appropriate filters have been applied, all of the home delivery (retail) orders that fall within this criteria will populate in your delivery ledger. 

Orders Snapshot

The Orders Snapshot will also update to display the following information:

Total Orders - Total amount of home delivery orders delivered on the date specified. 

Product Value - The total value of product delivered to the customers. 

Mileage - The total mileage traveled to facilitate the home delivery orders. 

Amount Due - The amount due for the home delivery order. This should match the amount collected, unless otherwise specified. 

Amount Collected - The amount collected for all home delivery orders. This is also the amount that will be returned to you by a Blackbird driver the following day. 

Fee - The total fee that is due to Blackbird from your facility. 

Receiving a Delivery Settle-Up

All home delivery order settle-ups are returned to the retailer the following day. For clarification, if you had 10 home delivery orders on Monday, April 8th, all of the cash payment collected for those orders will be returned to your location on Tuesday, April 9th. 

To determine how much you should expect to receive in your settle-up, first navigate to the Delivery Tracking Block. Here, you will need to set the filters mentioned above, which include:

Type - Retail 

Date Range - April 8 to April 8

Status - Delivered

Once the filters are set, the Amount Collected will update accordingly. This is the amount that should be referred to when the settle-up is received.

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