1. How do I use labels to Receive Inventory?
  2. What if my label count doesn't match how much inventory I actually received?

If you're using MyBlackbird as a point-of-sale, tracking inventory and making sure your supplies match your records is an important part of maximizing revenue and staying compliant with your local regulations. 

Thanks to MyBlackbird’s label printing and scanning functionality, you’ve got an easy way to make sure accurate intake counts happen every time. It also ensures that customers walk out of your store with the product they actually paid for (from the exact batch that they wanted), meaning your sales data and physical stock levels will always match.

How do I use labels to Receive Inventory?

On the above Shipment, you can see that we are intaking 100 single gram units of Forum Cookies flower and 60 Forum Cookies Pre-rolls. These numbers on our Shipment are a great starting point for setting ourselves up for accurate intake counts because we know how many items should be included in our Shipment.

This means we can print out the number of labels to match the number of expected product. That way, if we end up having too many labels, we know that the shipment amount was smaller than what we expected, and if we don’t have enough labels it means we accidentally received additional product.

To do this, begin by clicking on the tiny print button on our Forum Cookies flower, as seen below:

Clicking on this button will bring up our browser’s printing window, so we should make sure our label printer is hooked up, our print settings are correct, and that the labels are displaying all of the information we want them to show. 

Since we are intaking 100 of this product, I want to make sure I print 100 labels so I’ve set my “copies” count to 100 within my browser’s print window. Then I hit the “print” button and my label printer will output 100 labels specific to this product and its batch.

Please note: Depending on your browser, your printing screen may look different from the one shown above.

Once I’ve got my labels, I can now place one on each item of inventory I’ve received. After this has been done I can mark the items as received on my Shipment.

Once we’ve formally received our first inventory item, we can go ahead and repeat the process for every item on our Shipment until all of our inventory has been accurately counted and received.

When your budtenders scan these products on the sales floor, they will automatically be tracked in your POS and will always accurately reflect your physical stock levels of every item (and every batch of that item) that you carry in your dispensary.

What if my label count doesn’t match how much inventory I actually received?

Recognizing these situations is the benefit of printing your labels before you formally receive the inventory. Inventory counts on your Shipment can always be edited before you have actually received the inventory within the system (once you have received product it cannot be edited, only sold or destroyed), so if your product count differs from the amount of labels you’ve printed you can easily go in and change the Shipment numbers.

Let’s do that now for the Forum Cut Cookies Pre-rolls we’ve received. In our example scenario, we were expecting 60 pre-rolls in the shipment but after printing out 60 labels we’ve discovered that we only have enough product to use 58 of them. This means that we are two pre-rolls short of what we expected. To ensure that our inventory counts remain accurate we should update our Shipment to only list 58 pre-rolls. We can edit this easily by clicking the pencil button on that line of our Shipment.

Here is what we click to edit our intake quantity before receiving our inventory. Once inventory has been received we cannot edit the quantity.

Clicking the Edit button brings up the product info screen that we filled out when we initially created the Shipment (learn more about creating Shipments here!). I’m going to go in and change the quantity to 58 (since that’s how many pre-rolls we received) and save it.

We are all set! Our Shipment now accurately reflects that we will only be taking in 58 pre-rolls instead of 60. Our extra two labels can now safely be thrown away and our product can formally be received within our MyBlackbird POS.

Our Shipment now accurately reflects that we received 58 pre-rolls instead of 60.

That’s all there is for this topic! You’re welcome to intake product and print labels in any that you would like, however we hope that the benefits of the proposed process above helps you keep your staff (and vendors) accountable while keeping you in line with all of your local regulations.

That’s pretty much all there is to reliably receiving inventory using labels! If you have any further questions, feel free to reach us anytime by clicking on the help chat in the bottom left of your screen. We’re always happy to help!

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